A company founded on a genuine passion for finely crafted cocktail garnishes that are 100% natural, and as tasty as they are beautiful.

Our garnishes are a labour of love.

Parched launched in 2022 to challenge the way the humble garnish is traditionally perceived. We spent months refining our process to create a garnish to fit modern hospitality: natural, simple and sustainable, yet elegant with a hint of luxury. 

From at-home enthusiasts to the country’s premium bars and restaurants, the ideal finishing touch is now always at your fingertips. 

We believe that the perfect cocktail should be an experience to celebrate, and attainable for everyone.

Quality Meets Innovation

Our vision speaks to professional audiences and the consumers inspired by the cocktail movement. It stretches past the bars, home-entertainment and into the wider culinary world.

Handcrafted with purpose in Auckland, New Zealand

Our promise to the planet

Our business relies on nature, and nature relies on us.

We aspire to protect our natural resources and be mindful of our environmental footprint. 

Our donations are helping to plant thousands of trees to restore the island’s indigenous forests and create habitat for wildlife, while stabilizing hillsides to prevent erosion and protect local watersheds.