Ice Cube Tray

Create a quartet of large square ice cubes with ease using this Uberbartools silicone ice tray.

This large silicone ice cube tray will make four 100 x 45 mm cubes that stack easily in your glass.
Flexible silicone ice tray. Non-stick for easy to remove ice cubes.
Flat, square sides and base for easy stacking. Food-safe and BPA-free.

The large ice cube keeps your drinks cold with less dilution because they melt slower than traditional crushed or cubed ice. This is especially handy when you are sipping on a high-end spirit or cocktails, such as a Negroni or Old Fashioned, because it doesn’t get watered down as quickly. 



Pack includes 1 Tray

Dimension (LxH): 100 x 45 mm

Net weight: 60 gm (weight of the packaging not included)

Material: Silicon 

Colour: Black