Glass Jar Refills

Refill packs of our artisanal food and drink garnishes for your glass jars. We recommend our 60g pouches but you can mix and match products and sizes depending on your favourites. Spritz mix coming soon!

Add these edible and ready-to-serve dehydrated fruit slices to garnish your drinks, desserts, or grazing boards. These all-natural dehydrated fruit slices are a great garnish as they still carry the fruit flavour and elevate any drink or food creation.

100% natural. Zero added sugar, all of the flavour.


Select options$10.00$34.00
Select options$9.50$32.00
Select options$10.00$34.00
Select options$10.00$34.00

Store in an airtight container out of direct sunlight to keep the garnishes at their best for up to 12 months. A great solution to eliminate waste vs fresh fruit garnishes.